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PetBrew is administered orally. Most of our customers mix PetBrew into their food or syringe directly. Others have reported success mixing it into their pets drinking water.

Cats are specialist predators with a more specific sense of taste than dogs so that means they tend to be fussy about what foods and supplements they will tolerate. Most cat owners add a teaspoon (5ml) of PetBrew to their cat’s food or drinking water- or if you are brave you can syringe directly into their mouths! If a reluctance to accept the product is encountered, try restarting with small doses at first (1ml per day for a few days before slowly increasing).

Yes, PetBrew is safe to use in conjunction with any other medication your pet may be on. If administering antibiotics it is advised to wait 1- 2 hours before giving PetBrew.

PetBrew is safe for use in diabetic animals. The sugars have been converted by our microbes into more microbes and beneficial organic acids. So virtually no residual sugar is left when bottled.

Do not refrigerate PetBrew. Store tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. Use within 28 days of opening.

We suggest that you dose: Small dogs: 10ml daily, Medium dogs: 20ml daily, Large dogs: 30ml daily, Cats: 5ml daily.

Pathogenic microbes are bacteria that can cause infection. Although most bacteria are harmless or often beneficial, some are pathogenic, with the number of species estimated as fewer than 100 that are seen to cause infectious diseases in animals. By contrast, several thousand species that are not harmful also exist in the digestive system.